Dynamic wildlife warnings have never been more intelligent. Vast historical data, upgraded by connectivity information from both hunters and dogs make animal road crossing predictions more accurate than ever before. Enriched by Consenz’s camera input and real-time, stepwise alert escalation in the HUD, you are empowered to avoid unpleasant surprises from wild animals on the road.

Swanholm Technology

The most vulnerable road users are often those who work close to or on our roads. Especially in darkness or difficult weather conditions, they can be hard to identify. With Swanholm Tech’s intelligent and connected safety vest, a signal to Consenz’s HUD helps monitor potentially dangerous situations in real-time and inform about relevant speed adjustments or other measures to avoid incidents or accidents.

Eye Net

Eye-Net's innovative solution, run in Consenz’s HUD, enhances situational awareness for all road users in the urban mobility environment. The C-V2X collision prevention solutions incorporate cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics to provide actionable insights. Drivers are empowered to identify risks before they can even see them, e g when approaching from around a corner. Vulnerable road users, such as cyclists or e-scooter riders, are protected by accurate real-time pre-collision alerts.