Powered by the world’s most developed localisation service platform from HERE Technologies, Consenz’s intuitive navigation service always guides you to your location in a smooth and relaxed way. Through conversational AI, Enzo assists your driving in a seamless and supportive manner. Consenz’s unique and intuitive user interface, based on behavioral psychology and design principles, makes it easy to be one step ahead in every turn. Instant road and traffic condition updates always enable the choice of the safest and most fluent journey. With the power of HERE Tehcnologies’ platform, endless localization services can be developed and made available OTA. Enzo makes navigation made and safe. 


Sometimes the best way of getting updated and sorting out everyday issues is a simple voice call. In the same user friendly way as for messaging, Enzo assists you in your call management so that you can keep full focus on your driving while talking. The unit automatically connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth, so that Enzo finds all your contacts and/or searches for relevant numbers without you ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. The intuitive conversational AI helps you to interact with Enzo in the way that suits you best, not restricted to specific, pre-set voice commands that someone else has decided for you. Enzo makes calling easy and safe. 


Consenz’s solution comprises two inbuilt cameras; a forward facing dash camera and a driver facing one. Already from the start, the dash camera is set up to record your drives and be used for insurance purposes, subject to your insurance company’s terms and conditions. Naturally, you can also share your drives in your communities. Within short, additional functionalities and services will be added based on the data collection from the dash camera, such as object definition, distance alerts, road sign and parking space identification, just to mention a few. But it serves also as an important element of innovative, partner developed, services such as dynamic wild animal warnings. The driver facing camera will be the base for optional attention identification services, but also for services related to the number of passengers in the compartment, such as road tax incentives for shared drives, or similar. Thus, your cameras do not only give you safe and convenient driving, they provide an important service development component and create valuable data that you will be able to monetize through Consenz’s platform.


One of the most common reasons for fatal or serious road accidents today, is that drivers are texting while driving, using their mobile phones. Enzo enables you to stay connected without taking any risks. With simple voice interaction, using normal conversation language, you can send and receive messages without ever letting go of your hands from the wheel, or your eyes from the road.The unit automatically connects to your mobile phone via bluetooth, so that Enzo finds all your contacts without you ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. If you do not want to be distracted at all, you can just ask Enzo to go back and read your received messages at a later, more relaxed moment. Enzo makes messaging easy and safe.


 Long drives can sometimes get slightly boring and regular commuting in dense traffic areas can make you feel stressed from losing valuable time. Let Enzo assist you in finding your favorite music from any of your favorite streaming services. Or, why not let him find that book that you have longed to dive into, but never found the time to. Or, maybe you want to get on top of the latest thinking in your favorite topic? Let Enzo find you the perfect pod for just that. When you are at ease and relaxed, you are the best driver you can be..    


Not only you as a driver want to stay connected and relaxed throughout the drive. Your passengers want it as well. With the Consenz unit’s dedicated connectivity, your co-travellers always have access to a speedy and reliable wi-fi connection, letting them spend their drive in the universe they desire. Having your passenger safe, happy, and relaxed, will also help you focus on your driving.But the dedicated connectivity goes well beyond this. With Consenz’s intelligent retrofit solution, your car is suddenly capable of C-V2X (cellular vehicle to anything) communication, which opens up unimaginable opportunities for smart mobility. Not at least in dense urban areas.Instant access to the latest traffic information updates, road weather conditions, and parking availability will always be enabled for you. As infrastructure is getting smarter in ever smarter cities, you gain access to smart mobility tips, dynamic green zones, and clever navigation input that makes your drive smoother and more environmentally friendly. Ride sharing services and micro payments are only examples of what is soon to come. The cellular connectivity also makes your drive even safer, as other connected road users become visible for you even when they are not to your eye. Dead angle collision warnings can be enabled in the open and roadworthy Consenz platform through partnership with innovative service providers.   

The Technology

Passenger Wi-fi

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With the dedicated connectivity, you can always offer your co-travelers a relaxing and entertaining journey, as you can provide a high-speed wi-fi access.  

High Processing Power

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The connected Head-up Display itself is built on a capable Thundercom System on Chip (SOC). Initially the SOC uses 4G, but will with time become both 5G and C-V2X compatible. 

With the high processing power of the SOC, Consenz enables computation and learning at the edge, but naturally also connect to relevant clouds. With expanding 5G networks in smart cities globally, Consenz's solution will also contribute to efficiency in the layer between the edge and the cloud. 

4 Microphones

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With its 4 digital microphones, Enzo is capable of capturing your conversation at a level well on pair with the best embedded systems and well above what any mobile phone can provide. This means an easy and relaxed conversation even in a car and in challenging driving conditions

Constant Connectivity

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The basic idea with Consenz's solution is to allow you as a driver to stay connected while driving without compromising on your safety,  the one of your beloved passengers, or of your fellow road users.  

Not only does the constant connectivity allows you to navigate, call, massage, and stream your favorite podcast without ever letting your eyes off the road. It also assures that you have the latest and relevant updates on whether, road congestion, or a proposed green route.
Smart, safe, and environmentally friendly driving has never been easier.

Dash Camera

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Consenz's HUD unit comes already equipped with an integrated dash camera, so that you do not have to invest in a separate one. 

Use it to lower your insurance premium, or simply share your drive with your community. Consenz see it as a platform for service development and a source for you to monetize your data. Many are interesting in knowing what you and your car see out there, and you should earn your share from sharing it with them. 

Driver Camera

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Apart from the dash camera, Enzo can also help you keeping an eye on where your attention is going. Sometimes a drive can be long and tiresome, and the attention can slide away. At your choice, Enzo can happily remind you to keep your focus where it should be when driving. 

But the driver camera can also for example enable future car sharing services or assist in passenger count to help you lower your congestion fee when commuting.  

2 Loud Speakers

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By default, Enzo will connect to your car's loudspeakers via Bluetooth, to give you the best sound experience. Sometimes, however, you may want to keep Enzo's voice only to you as a driver. Or, maybe your car does not support Bluetooth connection. Then, it is good to know that the HUD is equipped with two in-built loudspeakers to always guarantee a good sound experience. 

Bluetooth to Driver Mobile & Car Loudspeakers

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Enzo automatically connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone to access your contacts, preferred pods, or pre-planned trip. Bluetooth is also used to connect to your car's loudspeakers and/or microphone in accordance with your preferences.   

Sustainable mobility can start here and now

An appealing, connected and fully voice controlled heads-up display gives the driver a safe and comfortable experience already at an individual level. Moreover, being an affordable retrofit solution for any car, Consenz enables smart, interactive, and dynamic traffic planning. Not only for the selected few in a new, connected car, but for the complete rolling car fleet. 

This enables e g Smart Cities to efficiently implement new services for more livable cities worldwide, such as real-time traffic flow improvement, dynamic eco zones, or parking optimization. By engaging in B2G2C business models, the city can incentivise desired behaviour through e g road or car taxation.

 Consenz's open platform is accessible for external AI algorithms, providing relevant input to the city as well as the road user. Consequently, cities with smart ambitions get access to a vital component for building an open, collaborative ecosystem between many road users as well as the city infrastructure in a cost-efficient way.

 Consenz' solution directly addresses UN SDG 11 as it brings more livable cities, but also clearly enables easy implementation and true results of initiatives addressing SDG 13 via climate smart driving. With an open platform with direct access to many road users, only imagination sets a limit to the long-term possibilities.