Open Service Platform

Contrary to most of car OEM’s slow and closed, proprietary software platforms, Consenz provides an open platform for service innovation. As a 3P service innovator with a good service for drivers, you are welcome to run your service as is on our platform. Our accessible API structure will make the job easy and we will assist in giving the driver the most intuitive interface in our roadworthy HUD, using audial and visual input in an optimized balance.   

Over the air (OTA) updates

Consenz’s solution is always accessible over the air. This means that the drivers will always have access to the latest version of any service run on the platform without ever having to visit a workshop or any physical intervention. Your service quality can be at its best, all the time for every user. 


If you want to take your service to a higher level using some of Consenz’s platform capabilities, such as the cameras or the intuitive voice AI, we are more than happy to explore these opportunities together with you. Maybe you have an idea of a brand new service that suddenly is feasible to realize with the help of Consenz’s intelligent platform and Enzo’s capabilities? Let us co-innovate together for a smarter, greener, and safer driving worldwide!

Short, agile, and iterative development cycles

Enzo is here to support and empower you as a driver. Enzo will provide you with relevant input you need to become your best behind the wheel. But you, and not your car, take the decisions. This means we can avoid the risk of turning your car into a lethal weapon. And with that, all the hampering process OEM’s today are struggling with. It allows us to be innovative, but also quick in implementation and agile in continuous development. Meaning that you as a driver are better equipped and more empowered for every day.