With Consenz’ connected, fully voice assisted Head-up Display you can lift the digital interface of any car to the latest standard.

It also serves as your platform for future services as a collaborative ecosystem is taking shape.

With our solution you can keep the mobile phone in your pocket while driving, yet you have access to all the features and services needed, without compromising with road safety.


Consenz’s connected and intelligent Head-up Display can be retrofitted into any car, upgrading your digital interface to the absolute latest standards.In order for you to keep your hands on the wheel, we put a lot of emphasis on a smooth voice interaction. Your interaction with Enzo is a conversation, not just a set of fixed commands. Your comfort and peace of mind when driving is our focus.

An intelligent Head-up Display, using conversational AI and an intuitive user interface, allows the driver to stay connected, communicate and be updated without compromising with road safety.

At the same time the car becomes a connected node with its embedded system on chip (4G/5G), two cameras, and a set of sensors generating, processing and uploading data about itself and its surroundings. New digital services can be developed and pushed out over the air, OTA. Affordable, capable technology accessible for every driver, in any car, anywhere.

Consenz Mobile App 


Setting up the Consenz unit and getting it started takes no more than 5 min and need no mechanic’s intervention. Simple videos, images and tutorials will guide you from unpacking your box to your first drive assisted by Enzo. Would there be any need for personal assistance in the process, Consenz’s Customer Success team is only a chat or call away.


You can always adjust your personal settings by easily navigating in the Consenz Mobile app. For example you can adjust language, map detail level, base sound and brightness. Most of the settings can be adjusted by voice also when driving, but we highly recommend that you take your time and work through the base settings before you start driving, which is naturally also a part of the onboarding.


Some trips require a bit more planning. Maybe you want to add specific stops on your way and/or seek out alternative routes to your destination. When planning is done, you can simply ask Enzo to use your saved plans or routes at any time, and he will be happy to present them on the screen for navigation. 


Whom of your friends is most frequently choosing the greenest route? Who always keeps a safe distance to the car in front, never speeds outside school areas, and who has collected the most ride sharing diamonds this month? Challenge your friends and peers, or why not your insurance company or city district, to gain benefits from good driving behaviour. But, as for any game, you only join in if you want to. 


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