Pixel 2

Passenger Wi-fi

Pixel 2

JSN Pixel 2 provides UNLIMITED background designs. You can forget all about predefined icons or fixed color parameters. Only sky is the limit!

High Processing Power

Pixel 2

JSN Pixel 2 was developed with extreme focus on typography. In addition to standard fonts, 800+ Google fonts will be more than enough to spice up your beautiful websites

4 Microphones

Pixel 2

With its 4 XYZ digital microphones, Enzo is capable of capturing your conversation at alevel well on pair with the best embedded systems and well above what any mobilephone can provide. This means an easy and relaxed conversation even in a car and inchallenging driving conditions

1 Driver Camera

Pixel 2

All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. We spent huge amount of time tweaking every tiny details to make it look right in RTL mode.

2 Loud Speakers

Pixel 2

All JoomlaShine templates can be effortlessly configured by template parameters. In template setting page, you will find hundred template parameters for convenient operation.

Bluetooth to Driver Mobile & Car Loudspeakers

Pixel 2

The cool gallery you see on this website is another product from JoomlaShine.com called JSN ImageShow. Deliver your images with a stunning presentation.


Setting up the Consnez unit andgetting it started takes no more than 5min and need no mechanics intervention.Simple videos, images and tutorialswillguide you from unpacking your box toyour first drive assisted by Enzo.Would there be any need for personalassistance in the process, ConsenzCustomer Succes team is only a chator call away

Personal settings

You can always adjust your personalsettings by easy navigating in theConsenz Mobile app. For example youcan adjust language, map detail level,base sound and brightness.Most of the settings can be done byvoice also when driving, but we highlyrecommend that you take your timeand work through the base settingsbefore you start driving, which isnaturally also a part of the onboarding.

Plan your trip

Some trips require a bit more planning.Maybe you want to add specific stopson the way and/or seek out alternativerotes to your destination.When planning is done, you can simplyask Enzo to use your saved plans orroutes at any time and he will be happyto present them in the screen fornavigation. 

Driving scores 

Whom of your friends is mostfrequently choosing the greenestroute? Who always keeps a safedistance to the car in front, and whohas collected most ride sharing diamonds this month?Challenge your peers or why not yourinsurance company or city district togain benefits from good drivingbehaviour. But, as for any game, youonly join in if you want to.