Frequently Asked Questions to Consenz


1. When will the Consenz Head Up Display Unit be available to order?

  We are currently welcoming registrations for pre-orders. We are working to be able to accept orders in the autumn of 2024. Please register for updates here and/or stay tuned in our social media channels.

2. How can I use the Consenz Head Up Display Unit?

  The Consenz Unit can be installed in almost any car. Initially, you can use it for navigation, calls, and messaging. The unit is fully voice controlled and connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, so that you can stay connected and informed without taking your mobile phone out of the pocket.

  All relevant information is displayed in a transparent screen in your field of vision, so you always can keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your focus on driving.

  The unit is equipped with one dash camera and one driver camera. Initially, these cameras will just do “simple” recordings, but will soon be upgraded with various functionality, such as object detection, driver attention alerts, and insurance adapted recordings to mention a few functions and services.

  Soon you can also stream audio from your mobile phone, either directly to the car speakers, if the car is prepared for it, or via the units speakers.

  The unit is equipped with a dedicated SIM for navigation, traffic, and infrastructure related information. This also enables the Consenz Unit to provide a Wi-Fi Hotspot for your passengers (additional costs may apply depending on data usage)

3. Is it necessary to download the mobile app in order to use the Consenz HUD Unit?

  The Consenz Unit can operate stand-alone, but many of the core functionalities will be lost. Therefore it is advisable to download the Consenz Mobile App and connect it to your Consenz Unit ID.

4. I am running a business looking to purchase in bulk, am I eligible for any discouts?

  Consenz is open to discuss commercial conditions for larger order quantities. Please contact us here for a commercial discussion.

 5. I have already registered my details for pre-order, will I need to register again once the unit becomes available to order?

  The information you have entered when placing your pre-order will be carried forward to your final order. There might be, however, some additional information required for the final order.

6. Who do I contact if there is a technical issue?

  Please contact Consenz Customer Support at  

7. Will I need to be connected to WiFi or mobile data at all times whilst using the Consenz Head-Up Display Unit?

  No. For fully adequate navigation information, however, it is necessary for the Consenz Unit to be connected to the mobile network most of the time. Some map data, however, can be buffered for shorter white spots, tunnels, etc.

8. Will connecting to the Consenz Head-Up Display Unit with my phone and using it drain my mobile battery?

  No. Your mobile phone battery is only used when actually calling, messaging, or audio streaming.

9. Why should I sign up to create an account?

  Once you are signed up for an account, you can handle all your data and relations to Consenz via the same identity. It also means that you get relevant updates and information from Consenz on a regular basis. 

 10. Where can I find your Privacy Policy / link to all your policies?

  You find all relevant information on our website. E g the privacy policy you can find here

11. I am interested in investing in Consenz, what is the process for this?

  We are very happy to discuss the excellent investment opportunities that Cosnenz can offer. Please register at our Investor page or reach out to our CEO, Anders Dewoon, 

12. I have an idea and would like to collaborate with Consenz on a project. What do I need to do?

  We are so happy that you share our passion for collaboration and that you see the potential in Consenz’s open platform thinking. Please get in contact with us filling out this simple form.

13. Is there a limit on how many Consenz Head-Up Display Units I can purchase on pre-order?

  No, there is no order limit. Consenz has high serial production capacity and would be happy to serve you with as many units you wish.

14. How long will it take to update the Consenz Head-up Display Unit when there are updates available? Will I need to wait around for it to finish updating before I can start driving?

  Normally the updates will take only around 10-20 seconds. If you are in a real hurry, you can naturally wait for a more convenient time to download your updates.

 15. Do all updates need to be carried out manually or will these be done automatically?Will it affect my driving experience whilst it is updating?

  You can choose if you like to download updates manually or turn on automatic updates (recommended). Some mandatory updates will be pushed automatically, but you always choose the time for downloading them.

All software updates are made Over-the-Air and will not require any workshop visit. Automatic downloads, however, will always be pushed when in parking position. We do not recommend pushing updates while driving.


1. What are the shipping options and conditions?

 Initially, you can only choose PostNord. The shipping cost is included in the price. For the first batch of orders, shipping is restricted to addresses within Sweden. Consenz is open to discuss shipping to other European countries. If you are interested, please enter in contact with the Consenz Team on this link.

2. What is the return policy? 

 We are happy that you chose Consenz, but naturally it is OK to change your mind. You can return your undamaged Consenz Unit within 14 days. Please, reach out to to request a return etiquette. Please also attach a picture of the product. Once you receive the etiquette, please return the undamaged item in its original condition and packaging. Consenz will refund your full payment to your payment card upon receipt and acceptance of the goods.

3. Do you ship outside of Sweden?

 For the first batch of orders, shipping is restricted to addresses within Sweden. Consenz is open to discuss shipping to other Nordic countries. If you are interested, please enter in contact with the Consenz Team on this link.

4. What are the international taxes, duties, etc., that I have to pay?

 All taxes and fees for deliveries in Sweden are included in the purchase price. For mutually agreed deliveries outside Sweden, additional charges may apply.

5. When will I receive my order?

 The final date of shipping can not yet be determined. The first serial batch delivery is estimated to late 2024, and will be fixed when the pre-order registration is opened. Any changes to the final delivery date will be made in separate communications after the order has been placed and the booking fee paid.

6. What would I do if I did not receive my order?

 Please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you in tracking the shipping. We will reply to you within 2 working days.

7. What do I do if I receive a defective order?

 Consenz put highest priority on product quality. So naturally you should return a defective or incomplete order. Please send us an email to and let us know if you need any missing part, a complete replacement unit, or want to cancel the order. We will reply to you within 2 working days.

8. How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

 Please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you. We will reply you in 1-2 working days.

About Us

1. Where are you located?

 Our office is in Stockholm, Sweden
2. What is your postal address?

 Consenz International AB, Kvarnholmsvägen 96, 131 31 Nacka, Sweden

3. How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

 Please send an email to You can also choose to use the live chat function at our website.

4. Can I find you in any retail store?

 Consenz solutions can presently only be purchased in our online store. We are not closing the door, however, to this opportunity in the near future, so please stay tuned. 

About the product

1. How do I install the unit in my car?

 The installation is easy to make. You can do it yourself without any assistance in less than 15 min. Please, find a detailed and intuitive installation guide in the Consenz Mobile App, in the Tutorials section in the Help Center.

2. Where can I download the Consenz Mobile App?

 At the moment, the Consenz Mobile App can be downloaded at our website or in Google Play Store for Android Mobile phones. Soon, also the Consenz Mobile App for iOS will be released in App Store.

3. Where is the Consenz Unit produced?

 The Consenz Unit will initially be produced in China, where the highest quality was achieved. Consenz can, however, move production to many other locations globally, should it be required or judged beneficial for Consenz’s customers.

4. Where do the materials come from?

 A complete materials declaration can be provided upon request.

5. Does the Consenz unit fit in any car?

 The Consenz unit fits in most cars. Some important considerations to control before purchasing, however, are the space between the dashboard and the windshield, the windshield tilt angle, and the shape of the dashboard right in front of the driver.

  It is crucial that the device is placed centrally in front of the driver, since the viewing angle of the projection is made to be in focus for the driver.

 The transparent combiner screen should be open straight, close to 90°. 

You can see the Consenz unit dimensions below.

6. Will I get free support and upgrades?

 You will regularly receive free upgrades of your Consenz product solution platform, including the Consenz Unit, the Consenz Mobile App, and free features from selected partner services enabled on your Consenz device.

Some upgrades, however, will be paid ones that you choose to download if you like. Prices and conditions will vary and always be explained individually for each service, feature, or function before you confirm the upgrade.

7. How do I get product updates?

 Enzo will regularly inform you on available updates. You choose to download them manually or automatically.

Some mandatory updates will be pushed automatically, but you always choose the time for downloading them.

All software updates are made Over-the-Air and will not require any workshop visit.

8. How is the projection working?

 The projection is actually an image displayed on an LCD screen in the rear part of the Consenz Unit. The image is projected through a combiner glass and is experienced as an augmented reality image ~0,5 m in front of the unit, or ~1 m in front of the driver.

9. Can I take it out of the car?

 Of course. The Consenz unit is attached in the car via a strong magnetic plate on the adhesive mounting mat. Just unplug the electricity cable and lift the Consenz Unit, without pulling the mat. We will soon launch a purpose made storage bag for the Consenz Unit when not in use.

10. What is the price of the product?

 You can buy the Consenz Solution upfront for 5 999 SEK (€ 599) with 24 months of base connectivity included (conditions apply).
Or, you will be able to subscribe to the Consenz Solution for 299 SEK/month (€ 29), with a binding subscription time of 24 months, where the Consenz Unit itslef is included in the monthly fee.

 After 24 months, the subscription fee is 249 SEK/month (€ 24,90).
Services outside the base offering may come with additional charges. Updated information on available services and pricing is available in the Consenz Store on the website or in the Consenz Mobile App.



1. How can I pay for your products?

 You can pay with a Mastercard, VISA card, or PayPal.

2. Is your product purchased with one-time payment?

 The payment term is upfront payment, for the full solution if you choose the purchasing alternative, or for the first month if you go for the subscription alternative.