Consenz in MWC Barcelona 2024

Consenz in MWC Barcelona 2024

Barcelona, Spain, 26 February 2024 - In an exciting collaboration, Consenz joins forces with Quectel to unveil groundbreaking 5G IoT innovations at the prestigious MWC Barcelona 2024 event.

Formerly known as the Mobile World Congress, MWC Barcelona stands as a beacon in the telecommunications industry, attracting global leaders and innovators alike. 

At the event, Consenz proudly showcases its revolutionary Head-up Display (HUD) product, designed to enhance driving safety. Partnering with Quectel, renowned for their IoT solutions, Consenz demonstrates how their cost-effective retrofit HUD solution, featuring the Quectel SC680A module, can transform the driving experience.

It's great that we've been able to work with Quectel on Accelerating IoT Innovation and honoured that they've mentioned us in the news: Quectel showcases 5G IoT innovation at MWC Barcelona 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates as Consenz continues to lead the way in advancing road safety through innovative 5G IoT solutions.

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