Diverse and Multicultural

Our dynamic team is growing quickly, with special focus on software development and initial hardware design. We believe that a diverse and multicultural team delivers most value and also is most fun to work with and within. Complementary skills, experiences, and perspectives enriche the end-result.

We value openness and collaboration. Consenz will only develop unique functionalities and features that provide value to our customers. Already existing and well-working things we will reuse from, and/or co-develop with, skilled partners. Combining all elements in a groundbreaking, value-adding way, we reap the full benefit of Consenz’ unique platform. 

Our management team has a solid background and experience from the vehicle and telecom industries, from startup business to complex B2B in all continents, from international leadership in diverse and multicultural teams, and represents complementary skills and personalities.

Anders Dewoon

Reza Tavakolizadeh

Anders Dewoon        Reza Tavakolizadeh

Consenz early private investors and advisors hold or have held executive positions in the global automotive industry, some at the very forefront of innovation in the field of connectivity and new business models. Their exceptional fit to Consenz’ purpose and their strong network are valuable assets to the whole team.

Consenz is proud to have been granted project funding from Sweden’s innovation Agency, Vinnova, under their instrument for Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation (FFI).

These solid foundations, combined with a clear vision to make an impact, with ambition and grit balanced with a sound portion of humbleness to the challenges ahead, we feel confident that we and our expanding team have a great journey ahead.