Inspired by Vision Zero

Originally from a country with a high road accident rate, Reza has always admired Swedish road safety thinking and attitude. Inspired by Vision Zero, Sweden’s commitment that no one should get killed or seriously injured in traffic, he has set out to make a global impact by exporting this vision to where it is most needed.

After an initial approach with a connected head-up display for motorcycle helmets, Reza joined early-stage VC and incubator Antler in early 2020. Searching for the right co-founder to widen the scope, he met Anders, the perfect fit.


Anders, with a long background in the vehicle industry and experience from working in the forefront of connected and autonomous vehicles, both loved the idea and shared Reza’s passion of doing real impact in an important field at a large scale.

They jointly decided to take on the mission to dramatically reduce the number of lives lost in traffic by using technology and connectivity to empower car drivers worldwide.